Jacoby Cues

Collier Billiards is proud to announce that we are now a Jacoby Cue Dealer!

Jacoby Cue HB5

  • 19.2 oz

  • Radial Pin

Jacoby HB5 is Olive wood forearm and butt, with Ebony inlays. The Blue Lapis really makes this cue standout! Excellent ring work and some silver colored dot inlays. Use code 0818-40 when ordering $1225.00 plus shipping   Order Here

Jacoby Cue Feather Weight Break Cue

Do you want to make balls on the break! Jacoby Feather Weight Break cue can help you achieve just that. These cues are weighing in around 150, and break like a sledge hammer!  Use Code JACB $290 plus shipping  Order Here